Illustrated Concepts

Illustrated Concepts

Online - 5 to 9 July

Illustrated Concepts. How to illustrate based on data and concepts without being able to draw is a voyage to ideas. A workshop where we are going to talk about creativity and connections. On how to draw out our best ideas, connect them and formalise them simply and powerfully. All without having to know how to draw.

In the workshop, we’ll learn about the work process that Javi Royo uses to connect the ideas that are already in the environment to achieve new concepts We will work on the basis of real stories and representations to rid them of any excess and leave them naked. Extracting the essence of ideas to achieve the maximum impact. We will work on creative techniques based on the fact that creativity does not exist and we will all be replaced by robots in the future. We’ll play at being ideas miners.

Work material: paper, pencil and marker

A Creative Process

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