Three EINA projects, finalists of the ADI Medal Awards

Louis Robert Ferraz, Manu Gonzalez and Paula Terra Bosch are among the 12 finalists for the ADI Medals, awarded by the Industrial Design Association of the FAD (ADI-FAD), with their Final Projects of the Degree in DesignSpaceTMBLight and Dröp.

These awards are given to final degree, postgraduate or master's degree projects by young designers recently trained in Spanish educational centres.


Space is a garbage bin for paper or plastic that is designed to improve the management of kitchen waste. Its main characteristic is that is compacts these materials, which optimizes kitchen space and transportation. Sustainability is the soul of this project, and the bin is also designed to eliminate the plastic bags usually used to transport waste: the bin itself can be comfortably emptied directly into the container.


TMBLight is a light device developed to improve the distribution of people on metro platforms in Barcelona. It is made of various tube-shaped modules, hanging from the ceiling at 2.2 m above the platform, and placed lengthwise along the platform. They contain a system of intelligent LEDs installed inside the device, which light up depending on the volume of people within each train wagon as it approaches. A series of colours represents how full each wagon is: Red = very full, Orange = semi-occupied, Green = free.


Dröp, Simplifying Diabetes is a set of three products (a wearable, a mobile application and an insulin injector) that allows the management of this disease in a simple, pleasant and close to the user as it reduces and optimizes both procedures and devices needed to follow a proper treatment.

The jury for the ADI Medals for design students was comprised of: Alexis Georgacopoulos, industrial designer and director at ECAL Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne; Eva Prego, industrial designer and co-founder of Stone Designs; Marcelo Ghio, strategy director at Experimenta Magazine; Mireia Mesalles, industrial designer and 2018 ADI Gold Medal winner, and Rita Barata, architect and marketing director at PMMT & Friendly Materials.

The trophy for these awards will be designed by Mireia Mesalles and the ADI Awards ceremony will take place on 24 November.

Space - Louis Robert Ferraz
TMBLight - Manu González
Dröp - Paula Terra Bosch