Dröp & Xiro, Asia Design Prize 2021

Paula Terra and Oriol Campillo, finalists of the Asia Design Prize 2021

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Paula Terra and Oriol Campillo, former students of the Design Degree, are finalists of the Asia Design Prize 2021 with two projects developed at EINA: Xiro (made jointly) and Dröp (Paula's Final Design Degree Project). 

In this edition of the Asia Design Prize 2021, the international competition that discovers innovative design concepts and ideas that will lead the future and promote the world, 3,187 applications from 37 countries have been submitted.

Oriol Campillo and Paula Terra 

Disruptive design of an automatic hair dryer with 3 integrated nozzles.

Product design breaks market standards by creating new needs, uses, and values, replacing an existing, conventional product with an innovative one that anticipates new needs.

The device has three integrated nozzles that are mechanically activated. It works by means of a mobile application that registers the user's information in the database. This allows the dryer to provide automatic hair drying with the best benefits, offering the most appropriate temperature and power for each user.

The product is complemented by a mobile articulated arm, which allows "hands-free" drying of the hair. Xiro records the user's movements and recreates them, providing fully automatic drying.

Dröp, non-invasive treatment for type 1 diabetes
Paula Terra

Dröp is a medical solution made up of three devices (wearable, app, and insulin injector) that enables the management and simplification of diabetes treatment in a simple, pleasant, and user-friendly way. The design of the system allows to reduce and optimize both the procedures and the devices needed to follow a proper diabetes treatment. The proposal aims to create a better user experience through four main areas

  • Simple interaction and easily interpretable data
  • Glucose monitoring and insulin administration through non-invasive systems
  • Reduction of the devices needed to follow the treatment.
  • Link, connection, and communication between users.

The design of the system provides a continuous flow of information between devices that allows for the management of diabetes without the patient and his or her environment necessarily having to have knowledge about diabetes in order to carry out their treatment.