FINE Conference - Innovations and reflections on art and design in the 21st century

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  • 20th November, from 4pm to 8pm
  • EINA Barra de Ferro (Barra de Ferro, 2, Barcelona)
  • Free activity in person and online
  • It is necessary to make a reservation in advance by sending an email to: fine.bdw(a)

The FINE (Intrinsic Phenomena of Nostreity and Experience) Conference is a collective effort that seeks a temporary reflection on the turn of the 21st century and on what happens through shared action, not only among people but also as perspectives within oneself.

These conferences, which take place within the framework of Barcelona Design Week, are based on a presentation open to the public of the practices and processes carried out within the framework of the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) of EINA-UAB.

The session is conceived in two different formats. On the one hand, the presentation of the projects Qiáo and Design for designers, which delves into the virtual issue and the conditions of isolation. And on the other hand, the realization of two active creative workshops: Cala Nostra or the Italian Doctors (board game) and TNT - Tactile Narrative Workshop, which focus on the presential and the need to meet again.

These workshops aim to visualize, share and build the connections that are generated between the disciplines of art and design in a dystopian reality such as the current one.

Chronology of the day:

The two face-to-face workshops are introduced by two short conceptual video clips.

  • 16h to 16.35h - DPD (dynamic + video 15min + PR, 35min) - Video debate.
  • 16.40h to 17.40h - CN (60min) - Board game, new ways of making images.
  • 17.45h to 18.20h - Qiáo (dynamic + video 15min + PR, 35min) - Design fiction, buying and selling aesthetic experiences.
  • 18.25h to 19.55h - TNT (90min) - A space of material exploration where to start proposing from disorientation, under the threshold of uncertainty.
Jornades FINE