Erasmus+ ARDES

ARDES is a short Learning Programme for ARt & DEsign & Sustainability with special focus on environment and climate change.


Duration: 28/2/22 – 27/2/2024


The ARDES Project will develop and validate a short learning programme in Art & Design & Sustainability for higher education. The programme aims to educate art & design students so that their future artistic values, productions and activities will help to increase the citizens’ commitment toward climate change mitigation & sustainability.

The programme proposes to study the approach of art design as a communication medium and to complement that approach with the learning of “artivism” to engage audiences in the topics of the proposal with, among others, the use of interactive digital tools.


This is a cooperation partnerships in higher education.

Documenta Creaciones Multimedia Avanzadas SL (MYD) Barcelona
Mirjam Hillenius
ARDES General Project Management

EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona
Anna Pujadas
Coordinator ARDES

European University Cyprus (EUC)
Simona Mihai
Coordinator ARDES

LABA Valencia School of Art Design & New Media (LABA)
Andrea Contino
Coordinator ARDES

Universidade Aberta Portugal (UAb)
Paula Nicolau
Coordinator ARDES

Membres ARDES

European Union

Lines of research

The main topics addressed by the project are:

1) Environment and climate change;
2) Creating new, innovative learning and teaching practices;
3) Supporting digital skills of the higher education sector.

Projects and activities

The project outcomes are:
1) Design of the curriculum (structure, course planning, lesson plan, the learning projects assignments, and the assessment criteria...)
2) Design of the teaching, learning materials & eportfolio

The activities are:
Programme consists of 4 modules (3+1 extracurricular activity)

  • Module 1. Sustainability & Climate change: historical perspective and their relationship with Arts
  • Module 2. How art can contribute to facilitate dialogue, communicate sustainability and climate change and foster learning
  • Module 3. Digital tools for the interactive engagement of audiences with Art and Design
  • Module 4. Extracurricular activity