First thesis reading at EINA

Thesis reading at EINA

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EINA has hosted the reading of the thesis of the PhD student Alicia de Manuel Lozano, former student of the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) on Wednesday 30th September.

Alicia de Manuel Lozano, who has studied her doctoral studies at the Department of Philosophy at the UAB, presented her research entitled “QUANTIFIED SELF: PROCESSOS D'HUMANITZACIO I REPRESENTACIÓ DE LA DADA EN ELS DISPOSITIUS WEARABLE", directed by Dr. David Casacuberta Sevilla, and received a rating of Excellent.

The thesis panel, the first doctoral reading at EINA, was made up of Dr. Jèssica Jaques (UAB), Dr. Vanni Brusadin (UB, Elisava) and Dr. Elena Bartomeu (EINA) who presided over the ceremony.

Primera tesi llegida a EINA