Campus Blanc 2021

Lidia Puig and Vicente Akira at Campus Blanc 2021

Lidia Puig and Vicente Akira, recent graduates of the Degree in Design at EINA, are taking part in Campus Blanc!, the section of the Blanc Festival dedicated to final projects, which will take place on Thursday 21 October in online format and with free access through the event's website.

Lidia and Vicente present their Final Degree Projects (TFG), carried out last year: Distype and, respectively.

Distype, by Lidia Puig, is the result of a process of experimentation based on the simulation of the devastating effects of climate change on the planet as a method through which to find new typographic forms. It is a practical project in which design is presented as a tool for experimentation through which to find new forms of communication with typography.

The project is articulated around four paths of experimentation that give rise to the design of six alphabets, which become a reflection of different ways in which the increase in temperature alters the original typography and gives rise to the creation of new forms. The process of experimentation and the six alphabets is collected in a graphic piece that becomes a hybrid between a typographic specimen and a publication.

, by Vicente Akira, aims to explore the threshold that arises between interface design and programming to obtain an experience in full-stack development.

To explore this way of developing applications, an app based on the Pomodoro technique, a method of time and task management that combines work and breaks strategically, thus generating several benefits in terms of productivity and mental health. This real open source project allows to explore all the design phases up to the development of the app.