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The legacy of light by Manel Esclusa

Manel Esclusa, coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design at EINA, presents the exhibition "The Legacy of Light", which opens on 8 October at 6pm at the Museu de l'Art de la Pell of Vic.

The exhibition, held as part of the 10th anniversary of ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies, brings together the work of this renowned photographer, considered one of the most representative artists of contemporary Spanish photography.

As Laura Terré, curator of the exhibition, points out: "Light in Esclusa’s work is his central concern, the key to his artistic enquiry and his subject matter. All other elements are anecdotes and simple media for light, whether these are landscapes or portraits of mannequins, still life or fish in motion. Throughout his career as a photographer, his creative passion has been to understand and to communicate the living relationship that exists between light and the eye".

"The legacy of light" is open until 9 January in different exhibition spaces of the city: ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies, Escola d'Art de Vic, Museu de l'Art de la Pell and Temple Romà.

Manel Esclusa. Eclipsi, 1999. © Manel Esclusa, VEGAP, Barcelona, 2021