FSWD / Identidad y Territorio

Exhibition “FSWD / Identidad y Territorio”

Andreu Balius, professor of EINA Design Degree and of the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Illustration applied to brands, media and video games, participates in the exhibition “FSWD / Identidad y Territorio” (FSWD / Identity and Territory), which opens on 15 October at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago de Compostela, with a three-metre-long vinyl.

This exhibition, which is part of the From Spain With Design (FSWD) project of READ, the Spanish Network of Design Associations, brings together works of design from different areas that stand out for their quality, their projection in the national and international market, and for being a model of synergy between designer and company, to provide coherent responses and build value.

The 135 projects presented, which can be seen until 23 January, are divided into several thematic axes: Intersections, Identity and territory, Internationalisation, Sustainability and Complicities. Through them, the spectator subtly approaches the stories offered by objects, spaces or ways of communicating, which have had a use, a utility, a purpose, and which have created identity from the context in which they were born, responding to a problem or demand and above all to people's needs.