EINA in "Underground and counterculture in Catalonia in the 70s"

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EINA participates in the exhibition 'Underground and counterculture in Catalonia in the 1970s', which opens on 1 June at the Palau Robert, with the magazine Underground, self-produced by students of the school as part of America Sanchez's graphic design workshop. This document, currently preserved in the EINA Archive, was a loudspeaker for the new desires, languages and attitudes that would mark the renewal of creative life in Barcelona.  

The exhibition reflects the great transformations in values, morals and customs that took place during the multifaceted and exuberant decade of the 1970s (feminism, sexual freedom, the liberalisation of customs, the decriminalisation of euthanasia, concern for the environment generated by the environmental movement, etc.) and the overflowing creativity that opened up countless new avenues in all fields of culture.

The exhibition, open until 28 November, offers an exhaustive, hitherto unpublished look at the protagonists and the social and cultural movements of a transcendental period, and is curated by Pepe Ribas, director of the magazine Ajoblanco, in collaboration with Canti Casanovas, and the architect Dani Freixes, responsible for the assembly.

Underground. Nº 1
Underground. Nº 2