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EINA to take part in the Open City Biennial of Thought

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  • 14 October, from 6 pm to 8 pm
  • EINA
  • Free access (register before)

Between 13 and 18 October a number of venues in Barcelona will be hosting the Biennial of Thought, a series of events revolving around the transformations of the change of era, with more than 174 participants from the fields of thought, art, activism and science.

EINA will be taking part with the Dialogues on Art and Philosophy: Decomposition of the Public Space? With Andrea Soto Calderón, Jordi Colomer and Pau de Solà-Morales.

The dialogue is part of the contemporary context of redefinition of the public space based on the acceleration caused by the pandemic in relation to concepts such as social isolation, social distancing, social confinement, social inequality, social exclusion. The public space as a common asset, a space of recognition and coming together with the other or of collective creation, is giving way to speculation, privatisation and deprivation of social interaction. We are at an incipient moment of a new normality, in which everything points to an eradication of the public space as a space of contagion. Contagion as an essential condition for hybridisation and the riskiest cultural creation is being replaced by immunity. This is why we question here whether we are seeing a decomposition of the public space.

Andrea Soto Calderón (philosopher), Jordi Colomer (artist) and Pau de Solà-Morales (architect) discuss this question based on their work related to the public space.

"EINA Dialogues" is a public activity based on the confluence between creators/thinkers who discuss, debate or share points of view, methodologies or proposals on a specific subject. The Dialogues are in the fields of art and philosophy, to discuss issues that enter the complexity of the social space and highlight the cross-disciplinary nature of creation and thought. The event will be held at EINA Barra de Ferro and streamed publicly online. Prior registration is required.

You can attend the activity online using ZOOM. You must register first by emailing After you have registered, we will send you the link to access it.

The activity is offered with an on-site limitation. If you would like to attend, please indicate this in your email.


Picture: jordi colomer. Anarchitekton (Bucarest). Photo. 2004

Jordi Colomer - Anarchitekton Bucarest