Colors sense límits

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‘Colors sense límits' (Colors without limits) is the artistic intervention carried out by the 3rd year students of the Design Degree, from the subject of Artistic Intervention Practices, led by Enric Font, in the courtyard of the Mercè Rodoreda school in Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

The mural, which colours a 27-metre wall, is a collective adaptation of the proposal by the student Gabriela Dalforno, and represents a geometric, non-figurative, colourful, and playful image along a horizontal wall, suggesting a spatial continuity of the section represented.

The project offers students a learning experience through the realisation of a real project in a context that allows the design and execution of an artistic intervention, and at the same time represents an improvement of the spaces of the educational centre.

The students participating in the project are: Eloi Arnal, Berta Clotet, Gabriela Dalforno, Laia Gombau, Júlia Grau, Sergi López, Núria Martínez, Paula Mateu, Camille Noblot, Júlia Rodríguez, Nora Sacré, Juan Salamanca, Karin Watson.