EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Final Degree Projects


Ariadna Valldeperas Carrillo

Danshari is a project that aims to create an identity and communication strategy for a new movement that combines the Danshari philosophy of a minimalist lifestyle with the wider trend of minimalism.

The movement promotes building a life around experiences rather than material goods, eliminating the superfluous and stripping life down to its essentials, to generate more space (both physical and mental). It is based on values such as simplicity, balance, austereness and clarity.

This movement is configured through the editing of content and design. Information is edited and analysed and the missing content is elaborated, as is the manifesto.

Meanwhile, design decisions follow a basic premise: to be true to the Danshari's values. Thus, the minimum resources necessary are used to produce the best and clearest communication. Each element must justify its existence, or it is considered superfluous and eliminated. At the same time, design elements must be attractive enough to generate interest, and design decisions also spring from this idea.

Graphis Design
Pilar Gorriz, Laia Clos
, Andreu Balius, Miguel Bustos, Laia Clos, Georgina Curto, Enric Garrido, Pilar Górriz, Salvador Huertas, Esteve Padilla, Carles Rodrigo, Anna Solsona, Dolors Soriano, Gemma Villegas