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Postgraduate Diploma in Product Edition

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The Postgraduate Diploma in product edition is included in the Master in Design and Editing of a Product and focuses on the placing on the market of a designed product. The various models of publishing in Barcelona, and other contexts in the field of design will serve as a starting point to work the necessary aspects, so that a designed product can be purchased by the society. The new business models related to product design require an entrepreneur designer, who can take the role of project manager. The designer must be responsible for the whole value chain between the product and the company.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Product Edition (UAB)
Edition and course

First, curs 2018-2019




110 €/ECTS (20% discount for former students)


Oriol Ventura


11 February to 7 June 2019


Monday to Thursday, 4 pm to 8 pm


240h on site and 510h independent work


Spanish and English


minimum 15 - maximum 26

Course location

EINA University School of Design and Art of Barcelona


Open now, until all places are filled

Teaching Staff

Student profile

The master has a professional orientation in the field of product design to complete the training of the general degrees (undergraduate and graduate in design, and higher graduate) as well as students who have completed a specialization or itinerary as interior design, fashion, and textile design.

The proposal also aims to complement and strengthen the practice and training of current graduates in both engineering and product design, related to creative professions such as architecture, fine arts, or clothing (footwear, wearables jewelry, etc.


It is a prerequisite for access to the master: to be in possession of a university degree or equivalent degree (EHEA university degree of at least 180 credits, a bachelor's degree, diploma or engineering degree before the implementation of the EHEA, of at least three academic years) at the time of enrolment.

The preferred qualifications are the degree in Design, specializing in product design, Industrial Engineering or Architecture. Students who have advanced degrees in different fields or may prove to have experience or skills to be trained in the planning and design of spaces will also be valued. In the latter case, they must present their portfolio.

The coordinator will choose the students based on academic background, work quality (portfolio), professional experience and motivations.


MODULE: Product Edition Culture

MODULE: Business Resources

MODULE: Designing a Publishing Firm

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