Presentation of the book 'Ver para vivir' by Victoria Combalía

Victoria Combalía, Eina's former collaborator and teacher, presents her latest book of memoirs 'Ver para vivir' on Tuesday 2 July at 7pm at the Sala Social del Santlluc (Carrer Mercader, 42).

Xano Armenter, ex-student of Eina, will be in charge of leading this event.

In this evocative personal memoir, Victoria Combalía recounts her formative years and her first steps as a student and young art history teacher. 

Coming from a family of the Catalan liberal bourgeoisie, and who in time would become a respected art historian and critic, and curator of numerous exhibitions, in the 1970s she was a young woman struggling to emancipate herself from the moral impositions of her social surroundings and ready to experience in depth the profound changes of all kinds that the country was facing at that time. 

Her stays in Paris and New York give her first-hand knowledge of the great transformations in contemporary art, and she comes into contact with some of its main protagonists, who appear magisterially in these pages.

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