Exhibitions linked to EINA 2021

We recommend three exhibitions in different museums in Barcelona to which EINA is especially linked because their protagonists have been collaborators of our centre.

"Illustrated violence" at the Virreina Image Centre by Nanni Balestrini, who was one of the members of Gruppo 63, and who together with Umberto Eco, Gillo Dorfles among others, participated in the meeting of Italian and Catalan intellectuals held at EINA in February 1967. The exhibition can be visited until 23 May.

Jornades de debat amb el Gruppo 63 a EINA (1967)

Debate sessions with Gruppo 63 at EINA (1967). Photographic collection O. Maspons - Historical Archive of the Architects' Association of Catalonia

MACBA hosts the anthological exhibition "Fina Miralles: I Am All the Selves that I Have Been" until the beginning of April. Fina Miralles, one of the most significant artists in Spain from the 1970s to the present day, took part in various activities with the EINA Communication group and, especially in 1974, in the exhibition Around the Trunk, in which each artist was assigned a tree from the garden. His intervention consisted of wrapping it in painted paper imitating wood.

Intervenció de Fina Miralles en l'acció/exposició Entorn del tronc (EINA, 1974)

Fina Miralles' intervention in the action/exhibition Around the Trunk (EINA, 1974)

"Miró-ADLAN. An Archive of Modernity (1932-1936)", which can be seen until 4 July at the Fundació Joan Miró, is an exhibition about the group of artists and intellectuals known as the Friends of New Art. In 1970 the Barcelona College of Architects commissioned EINA to curate and design the exhibition ADLAN i testimoni de l’època 32-36.

Cartell de l’exposició ADLAN i Testimoni d’època 32-36

CartPoster of the exhibition ADLAN and Testimoni de l'època 32-36