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Advanced font development

Bulo Rounded (Jordi Embodas + Noe Blanco)

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The course deals with all aspects of developing an advanced typographic font for publication. It covers five topics that are usually excluded from more traditional typography courses: non-Latin scripts and non-standard characters in fonts, development and organisation of weights, development of programming and groups in OpenType format, unconventional production tools and typesetting for screens screen fonts design.

The course goes into depth and complements the contents of the Letter Design Course which is part of the Master's Degree in Advanced Typography, and the subject of digital font architecture in particular. The course is a response to the growing demand from highly trained students who cannot find content at these advanced levels in the courses currently available. This is an unique and outstanding course, which assumes that the introductory content on the font development has been acquired. The competences to be acquired are the professional completion of typographic fonts for both the development of families and formats, OpenType features and screen fonts.

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400€ (10% discount for former students)


18 February to 6 May 2019


Monday and Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm






Minimum 10 and maximum 25

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EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, UAB

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This training is aimed at all those with some knowledge of typography, font design and font development who wish to study this area in more depth. In particular, at students who have previously completed higher education courses or master's degrees specialising in typography or graphic design, and especially those who are taking (or have taken) the EINA Master's Degree in Advanced Typography (which can be taken at the same time).

IMPORTANT: Those wishing to access the course must provide an initial font project or font family. Students and former students of the Master's Degree in Advanced Typography can use the one from Letter Architecture. Those without the necessary knowledge should first take the Letter Design Course.


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