EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

​Grants and aid

Enrolments constitute the income that allows the funding of all of the courses and services on offer at the school. However, the cost of enrolment on the design degree course may be subject to aid both in terms of the public price and of the private price of the credit.

The price of enrolment on the design degree course corresponds to the costs of the teaching and services that EINA offers as a private non profit-making foundation. The price of each credit is broken down into public price (established by the decree that every year is published in the DOG, body regulating the price of academic services to the public universities of Catalonia and the Open University of Catalonia) and private price.

Aware that difficulties may arise both in admission to courses and in continuing on them, the EINA Foundation offers a system of grants and aid independently of the grants, aid or discounts awarded by the state. Consequently, with regard to the private price of the enrolment, the school offers the following grants, aid and exemptions:

With regard to the public price of enrolment, The aforementioned Decree stipulates the surcharges and the exemptions that have to be applied on top of the public price. At the same time, students of EINA can also benefit from the scholarships of general scheme and mobility of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.