Virtual Fair of Masters and Postgraduates of the UAB

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If you are thinking about doing a Master or Postgraduate course and you want to have more information about the programme you are interested in, the coordinators of the different courses that are taught at EINA will tell you all the details in the informative sessions that will take place within the framework of the Virtual Fair of Master and Postgraduate Courses of the UAB from 22 to 26 February. 

The access to the sessions will be done through the corresponding link, 10 minutes before the starting time.


Monday 22 February

12h – University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design

17h – Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design


Tuesday 23 February

12h – Postgraduate Diploma in Page Design and Editing

18h – Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques


Wednesday 24 February

12h – Postgraduate Diploma in Illustration for children's and teenagers' publications

12h – Specialization Course in Illustration for children's and teenagers' publications

16h – Postgraduate Diploma in Garden Art and Design

18h – Master’s Degree in Design of Spaces: User experience

18h – Postgraduate Diploma in Perception and Representation of Experiential Spaces

18h – Postgraduate Diploma in Experiential Space Design


Thursday 25 de February

18h – Master's Degree in Graphic Design

18h – Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Elements Design

18h – Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design


Friday 26 de February

16h – Postgraduate Diploma in EXHIBITIONS. Curatorship, Design and Spaces