Toni Miserachs, Laus Award of Honor 2021

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Toni Miserachs, graphic designer linked to EINA since its beginnings, has been awarded the Laus Award of Honour 2021, granted by the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers (ADG-FAD), for her contribution to the definition of the profession and teaching, for her tireless work with the professional associations and to recognize female leadership in a sector where women have remained invisible and where, even today, they are far from achieving the visibility that corresponds to them.

Upon receiving the news, Toni Miserachs shared with EINA her enthusiasm for this award, which recognises more than five decades of pioneering work in this profession, and which she is receiving on the day of her 79th anniversary. "I am very happy because the president of the ADG, Sisón Pujol, a former student of mine at EINA, has the opinion that it is thanks to my career that many other women have made their way in design. And she said that I’ve been an 'ice-breaker' for women designers".

The Laus Award of Honour 2021 is a recognition of the brilliant career and legacy of Toni Miserachs, who has been part of the team of founders and foundresses of EINA; teacher from 1966-1967 to 1997-1998 of several subjects (Graphic Design Techniques, Introduction to Graphic Design, History of Graphic Design, Introduction to Projects and Design Theory); Head of the Graphic Design speciality from the 1970s to the 1990s; member of the School Council until 1987, of the Governing Board of the EINA Association until 1990, and patron of the EINA Foundation from its creation until 1998; Director of EINA from 1996 to 1998 and curator of the 20th anniversary of EINA (1987).

Congratulations Toni!

Foto: Toni Miserachs (2021) © Geray Mena

Toni Miserachs (2021) © Geray Mena