Llibre Esquelles

Presentation of 'Diario de campo. Tornen les esquelles'

The book Diario de campo. Tornen les esquelles will be presented on Wednesday 14th February at 7pm at +Bernat bookshop (Buenos Aires, 6).

This publication narrates the experience lived by the participants in the project 'Tornen les esquelles' ('The cowbells are back'), which seeks to revitalise the complex situation of shepherds and their flocks in the Collserola Natural Park. It also highlights the importance of wool as a natural resource and seeks to preserve and revitalise the pastoral culture here.

The project, led by the artists Martina Manyà and Ana Vivero, won the Lab Collserola, the call by eina obra to promote environmental awareness and eco-social transformation towards sustainability in this territory.

The presentation will be given by Pilar Cortada, director of eina obra, together with Martina Manyà and Ana Vivero, and will discuss the environmental, cultural and economic unsustainability linked to the disappearance of pastoralism, as well as the potential of wool to shape alternative futures.

Photography: Alexandre Brè