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"EINA pren el carrer" (EINA takes the street) brings together the set of projects developed by the 3rd year students of the Design Degree, from the subject Proyectos de Espacios 6, led by Raúl Oliva, for the 33rd edition of the Habitácola Awards, promoted by ARQUIN-FAD, and based on "the street of the 21st century".

The works, which will be published on EINA's Instagram and Vimeo channels from 1 to 7 June, reflect on the public space of the streets of towns and cities, which, cluttered with junk and elements, is oversaturated and generates permanent conflict.

The students have structured their projects on the basis of a detailed process of research and analysis on the use and problems of public space in order to conclude in a set of design proposals that contribute value to society as a whole and define the streets of the 21st century.

Conexión O2 - Tuesday 1 June
Sara Barull, Noelia Candon, Ariadna Esteve, Noelia Otero

The Ribs - Thursday 3 June
Laura Balsa, Aurea Heras, Carolina Herrero, Eva Ramon, Nora Sacré

DINAMO - Saturday 5 June
Sonia Bragulat, Irene Díaz, Oumaima Harrak, Clara Isern

MODULAR - Monday 7 June
Raquel Calvo, Marc Donaire, Laura Estrany, Camille Noblot

Conexión O2
Las Ribs