Donar cabuda. Perejaume

Donar cabuda by Perejaume

The artist and writer Perejaume, a former collaborator of EINA, is the creator of the exhibition "Donar cabuda. Perejaume", which can be seen at the Filmoteca de Catalunya from 17 November until 30 March.

The Filmoteca has invited Perejaume to intervene in the space of its Raval headquarters. His proposal offers a unique and suggestive vision of the cinematographic gesture through works produced specifically for the exhibition and other older ones, combining moving images, painting, photography, engraving, and a scenic intervention.

Also, accompanying the exhibition, which is free of charge, is the publication of the first volume of Apunts de cinema (Cinema notes), a collection of unpublished texts by the author, available in the Filmoteca bookshop. In addition, a series of complementary sessions will be held:

  • Lectura a les fosques. Un bosquet de vista verda 
    Wednesday 17 November 2021, 19h, Laya Hall
  • Manoeuvre (Perejaume, 2014)
    Tuesday 25 January 2022, 19.30h, Laya Hall
  • Session of short films by the artist
    Tuesday 15 February 2022, 19.30h, Laya Hall