Disoñar la balsa de Sentmenat

'Disoñar' the Sentmenat pond

'Disoñar' the Sentmenat pond is a tribute to water, the Collserola Natural Park and the diversity of species it shelters, which will take place on Wednesday 29 May from 3.30 pm to 7 pm at Eina Sentmenat (Passeig Santa Eulàlia, 25).

This meeting, organised by Eina Obra, is an invitation to take part in a collective journey into the past and the future of the water in the pond in Sentmenat through different activities.

'Disoñar' the Sentmenat pond emphasises the relevance of the fountain areas in the Collserola Park, habitats characterised by their vulnerability and scarcity, which face significant threats due to the effects of climate change and overexploitation of water and need our care. The event is part of the agenda of the International Day of Natural Parks, to be held on Friday 24.

List of activities:

An invocation to dripping with Mireia Molina Costa, artist and writer
From 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm

Water performs vital functions in the human body, acting as a transport medium for nutrients and oxygen through the blood plasma, regulating body temperature through perspiration and evaporation, and functioning as a lubricant in joints and protective fluids.

It is also indispensable for digestion and expulsion of waste. Through proposals for reflection and guided meditation based on sound and the voice itself, we will explore ourselves as permeable and permeating bodies, incorporating sonorities of other bodies of water - from the flow of a river to the breaking of waves or the fall of rain - in order to approach the human body as an ecosystem intertwined materially and biologically with its environment, also in a social and political, emotional and intimate way.

Thus, we will reflect on the practices of listening to one's own body as an ecological practice in itself - also as a device for invoking empathy and collective accompaniment, both material and symbolic.

The memory of water with Ignasi Ayats, graphic designer
From 4.15 pm to 5 pm

This activity focuses on capturing the traces of the water that flowed into the pond using the frottage technique. This method consists of making impressions by rubbing charcoal or other soft material on paper or canvas placed on textured surfaces. The purpose is to record the texture of the sediments that the water has deposited and consolidated on the sculptures and stones of the pond over time. The result will not only capture the visual aspects of water, but also promote reflection on broader issues such as the passage of time, water scarcity and the ephemeral nature of human constructions.

Fabulous speculation exercise with Helen Torres, sociologist, translator and educator
From 5 pm to 7 pm

A speculative fabulation workshop in which we will create narratives about possible futures for the pond. Inspired by games, observations and texts by philosophers of science Vinciane Despret and Donna Haraway, and anthropologist Anna Tsing, we will explore several key questions. These include: What are the unintended effects of human infrastructures in this area? What organisms inhabit the site and how do they interact with each other? What are the future prospects for the species of Collserola? What new uses could be made of the pond based on current realities? How can we activate human responsibilities to promote a multi-species flourishing?

Through these questions, we will project ourselves into the future to speculate on our present, with the aim of creating a common imaginary terrain that will allow us to develop situated narratives about the issues that affect the park and the pond.