Grey Literature

The first of Eina Idea’s Propagations is Grey Literature, a trilingual manifesto available both as a pdf document and a printed booklet, and circulated for free. Launched at the Iron Bar space on March 6, 2020, as a kickoff to Eina Idea’s inaugural Spring Summer program on the very eve of the COVID-19 outbreak in Spain, Grey Literature encapsulates the project’s narrative while unfolding its iconographic history in the form of a visual essay parallel to the text. The free digital version of Grey Literature is available here. If you would like to receive a custom-sealed version of the printed booklet, contact us

As most of Eina Idea’s printed matters, Grey Literature is not distributed without a number of branding seals on its skin. More than marks of authenticity, these inscriptions are traces of a performative relation, between maker/receiver or writer/reader—even in those instances where there is no text. Eina Idea’s sigils are identifying symbols of its stationary production insofar as the latter is tangible, palatable, and emblematic. The inks they are hand-stamped with are a singular color blend of mezcal, CBD, and food coloring, called TINTA SIMPÁTICA ESTIMULANTE. They come in three textured hues: Sugar Black, Tibetan Red, and Magüey Blue. To produce any amount of these art colors following our original procedure, see here.