Doctorate in Research in Design and Art

Joint information session of the official MURAD and Doctoral Programmes: Thursday 16 September at 6 pm

Since 2017, EINA has promoted the Doctorate in Research in Design and Art as an itinerary on the UAB Doctoral Programme in Philosophy and Theory of Arts. Through the Official Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design (MURAD), EINA offers the possibility of continuing with studies by taking part in this doctoral programme, which gives access to the title of Doctor from the UAB.

Doctoral students can count on the joint supervision of an EINA teacher and a lecturer from various degree courses at the UAB, and they can take part in various seminars on subjects in design, philosophy, aesthetics and theory of art promoted by EINA or the Department of Philosophy and Theory of Arts at the UAB.

Especially designed to provide support to monitoring doctoral theses under way, the seminar GEARAD - Aesthetics Applied to Art and Design Research Group acts as a methodological, procedural and contents-based reading and discussion group. Besides the monthly work sessions, members are encouraged to take part in research activities such as publications, conferences, seminars, etc. to train themselves in developing the usual academic formats.

With the Doctorate in Research in Design and Art, which gives access to the title of Doctor from the UAB, EINA has become the first university school of Design and Art in Spain to offer the entire continuity of education from a bachelor’s degree through to a doctorate, making it a pioneer in the country with an academic pedigree in line with global European educational centres devoted to research in art and design.

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UAB Doctorate in Research in Design and Art

Edition and course
5th edition, 2021-2022

Tània Costa, Jèssica Jaques and Gerard Vilar

Spanish and Catalan


Course location EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona