Taller (re)lanolitzar

Workshop (re)lanolize: restore animal wax in sheep's wool

This workshop, a joint initiative of Eina Obra and the collective Tornen les esquelles, focuses on exploring how to restore lanolin to felted wool and evaluate its water resistance after this treatment. The washing process removes the natural lanolin, a waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep, essential for protecting their hair and skin from water and bacteria. During the workshop, we will explore methods of reapplying lanolin to restore the waterproof and protective properties of the untransformed wool in the felt.

In addition to promoting the sustainable use of a natural resource, the workshop aims to revitalize wool as a source of income, creativity, and culture in rural areas. We will address a significant challenge for farmers: wool, if not sold, becomes waste that, due to regulations, cannot be deposited in municipal landfills, nor buried nor incinerated.

→ Date: 16 and 17 October 2024
→ Venue: Eina Bosc (Carrer del Bosc, 2)