Exhibition PONTS

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Opening: January 14th at 7pm 
Duration: until January 22nd. From Monday to Saturday, from 4pm to 8pm 
Venue: EINA Barra de Ferro (Barra de Ferro, 2) 

Exhibition of four installations, developed by the students of the EINA Design Degree of the subject of Projects 5 of Spaces, conducted by Anna Alcubierre. 

Starting from the concept 'bridge', the aim is to translate a content into a space, by means of textures of materials, provoking sensation, and emotion with the aim of making people think. 

The exhibition is a teaching laboratory experiment, understanding that from the discipline of space design it is important to cross the barrier of representation and experience the production and assembly to visualize a project of their own on a 1/1 scale.

The list of students participating in the exhibition is: Laura Basa, Sara Barrull, Sònia Bragulat, Laura Bueno, Raquel Calvo, Noelia Candon, Berta Casas, Irene Díaz, Marc Donaire, Laura Estrany, Nohely Guerra, Carolina Herrero, Clara Isern, Dune Medus, Alicia Mora, Eva Ramón.

Exhibition PONTS