EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Final Degree Projects

La Conciencia del Yo (The Consciousness of Self)

Oriol Cabarrocas

The rise of narcissism is inversely proportionate to the decline of spirituality. Doing away with the figure of God means also ridding ourselves of his omnipotent gaze, capable of cutting through the surface of our social behaviour to judge our very soul. Nowadays, society occupies the space where God once sat. Our efforts are bent on designing our own image, the projection of ourselves that we present to everyone else.

This image is the only means we have to show our own subjectivity, which is why the search for authenticity has become an obsession, to distinguish ourselves from the rest. In striving for our own uniqueness we have forgotten the figure of "the other" and excessive self-reference has led to a loss of empathy.

This project aims to highlight the similarities between the worship of God and the devotion to our own image by means of creating a parodic religion. La Conciencia del Yo (The Consciousness of Self) is a narcissistic sect in which individualism is held sacred, a space in which each member worships himself as a god.



Design Culture
Octavi Rofes
, Josep Aregall, Anna Bach, Elena Bartomeu, Guillem Cassassús, Judit Colomer, Albert Corbeto, Georgina Curto, Vivian Fernández, Carlos Ferrater, Jordi Fulla, José Luis Merino, Mariona Moncunill, Octavi Rofes, Dolors Soriano, Oriol Ventura, Santi Vilanova