EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Final Degree Projects

Hidden Status

Margarita Pérez Batlle

A research project on how brand identity is generated today, departing from the communication study of the fashion brand HiddenStatus and driven by a wish to thoroughly understand this field.

By the end of the project I had reached a conclusion: as every brand is unique and has specific needs the way to generate brand identity must first look to the needs of that brand.

I also discovered also that there is no “concrete way to create identity.” The truth of the brand, its values, the company and the public will all be driving forces in its construction.

My research let me to generate an identity for a specific brand, HiddenStatus, which has also allowed me to experiment with visual image generation. As a first step, I sought the truth behind HiddenStatus and developed a strategy based on my research.

HiddenStatus is a ready to wear brand that bridges the gap between the inspiration of Streetwear and the sophisticated design of Haute Couture. The main idea behind their clothing is elegance and sophistication with a distinctly urban geometry and mix of materials.

They wish to project is one of quality, and of unique designs that tread the line where formality and informality merge. The brand image is based upon the truth of the product: a product that seeks to be innovative in the use of urban fashion elements on formal clothes and innovative materials.

I have created a catalogue, a fashion film, an anime and an Instagram account. I propose to expand the brand’s marketing language into different media, all suitable to the brand’s target audience.

To show the duality that characterises HiddenStatus, I use two visual styles: black and white, to show the more formal aspect, and a green light to represent the brand's innovative and futuristic side.

My communication plan focuses on a retro-futuristic aesthetic to continue playing with this duality in their clothes. I have created characters called HiddenAgents to transmit the spirit of the brand and project an image of youthful empowerment.

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Visual Creation
Artur Muñoz
, David Armengol, Enric Font, Enric Mas, Jo Milne, Claudio Molina, Artur Muñoz, Ainhoa Nagore, Arcadi Poch, Mar Saiz, David Saucedo, Dolors Soriano