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Final Degree Projects

B Board

Adrián Soldado Cid

The idea behind this project was to design a product that combines two key concepts: transport and sport.

B Board is an urban mobility alternative aimed at young people who are looking for fun and want to practise sport in their free time. It focuses on creating a completely new experience where learning pathways place huge importance on design aimed at making a product with its very own unique identity in terms of the system of movement.

A two-way mechanism was developed through different functional prototypes that allows users to make extremely fluid movements and go forwards using the inertia of turns without their feet having to touch the ground.

Materials such as stainless steel were combined to create the turning system and aluminium and Canadian maple plywood for the board, which has a mechanisation to ensure greater transportability.

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Product design
Oriol Ventura
, Oriol Ventura, Francesc Crous, Àlex Mitrani, Daniel Vila, Ariadna Fàbregas, Javi Nieto