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Final Degree Projects


Fanny Basanta

Silma is a glove for passive upper prostheses that protect the aesthetic function and enable the user to feel safer when using their prosthesis in domestic and everyday activities, without fear of endangering their stump and preventing them from straining their back.

I saw that the problem was in the accessibility that users have with this type of prosthesis that covers all their needs. For different reasons, not everything that exists is within reach, so I decided to design something that improved their quality of life.
To do this, I observed, above all, the movements that the prosthesis can do easily and how the user performs when faced with “obstacle” activities in their day to day.
Silma is made of a silicone structure that closes and adapts to the stump with two nylon strips. Three sizes are considered to be able to reach a wider public, and two colours to differentiate the right hand from the left. The faceted function works so that, when coming into contact with a surface, the edges make the friction less and the movement is therefore slighter so that objects can be moved more easily. By contrast, the sides of the volume increase the friction with the surface, so that the movement becomes slower, but perfect to pick up objects.
Silma is, therefore, a proposal that incentivises a small change in users’ habits thanks to an adapted silicone glove that protects them and gives them security without having to change the prosthesis that they have.

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