EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Final Degree Projects


Guillem Casasús Xercavins

Power is a publication about the wars in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that have broken out due to disputes to control the planet's energy sources.

The principal challenge of this design is to enhance the aims of the publication graphically: the sensitisation and awareness of the maximum number of people possible.

The publication is in response to three core values: transparency, universality and empathy. Transparency is the need to show the truth and fight against censorship. Universality involves the inclusion of any individual, whatever their personal circumstances. And empathy is shown in the aim that the readers understand the raw situations of these conflicts.

Graphically, I have opted for a very neutral style, in which black and white are the initial protagonists. However, on reading the publication, colour appears. The technique used is thermal ink, which vanishes in contact with heat and shows what is behind. This is a good metaphor, both of the idea of conflict (hot friction point) and of the idea of solidarity (emotional empathy).



Graphic design
Marc Català, Pablo Juncadella