EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Final Degree Projects

Energy University

Javier Arizu Rosell

The project consists of the creation and coordination of the corporate image of the Energy University. This is a private centre devoted to research and dissemination of energy knowledge. It not only seeks to embrace the scientific field but also the humanistic one. With this, the aim is to generate a series of channels of progress and debate geared towards both the social sphere and the technological one in the challenges that energy poses humanity.

Apart from the academic area, the centre organises a weekly cycle of lectures that culminate in an annual festival. On the publishing side, a magazine and a collection compiling the theses and essays on energy are published.

In the graphic field, the identity displays an academic and neutral aspect. It is on the basis of the development of its language that it manages to communicate the differentiating values of the centre, with the reinterpretation of energy being essential as the central focus of the graphic work and its elements.



Graphic design
Marc Català, Pablo Juncadella