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Official master´s admission

Access steps to EHEA Master’s Research in Art and Design (2020/2021)

Here's all the administrative steps to acces an official masters at EINA. The procedure is different from non-official masters or postgraduate courses. You can also find general information on the UAB’s website but all the specific information (dates, prices, enrolment, etc) is shown below:

1. Who can apply?

You can apply for a place if you meet the following requirements:

Academic requirements

To gain admission to a Master's Course, it is essential, at the time of enrolment, to hold a university degree or equivalent (EHEA university degree of a minimum of 180 ECTS credits; an undergraduate degree, diploma or engineering degree prior to the implementation of the EHEA of a minimum of 3 academic years).


Spanish will be the main language. Students must be able to understand, speak and write it. English will be used in some courses, so students should also have a minimum level. It is not necessary to speak Catalan.

Foreign students

Legalisation of Degree and other documents

The documentation referring to the degree and the academic certificate issued by institutions in the European Union, in signatory countries of the European Economic Area Agreement and in Switzerland must be official and have been issued by the competent authorities. The documentation referring to the degree and the academic certificate issued by institutions in non-EU countries must be official, have been issued by the competent authorities and must be legalised by diplomatic means or, if necessary, by means of the apostille of the Hague Convention or of the Andrés Bello Convention. More information at the UAB’s web.

Translation of documents issued abroad

All documentation issued in Catalan, Spanish or English is accepted. With regard to documentation issued in French, Italian or Portuguese, translations of them can be processed through the Language Service of the UAB. The applicant must arrange this and pay the cost of it. In all other cases, the relevant translation into Catalan, Spanish or English must be attached and must be done by a sworn translator, by any diplomatic or consular representation of Spain abroad, or by the diplomatic or consular representation in Spain of the country of which the applicant is a national.


Students must apply, and be responsible, for their visa. To learn and perform procedures with sufficient advance we recommend you to contact as soon as possible with the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country. You can also get in touch with the UAB International Welcome Point for more information.

2. How and when to apply?

The application period will be open from 10 January 2020 to 5 October 2020 (or until course is filled). Applications will be managed in order of arrival. Applications should be made online via UAB’s Intranet and has a cost of 30,21 euros.

Steps to follow:

  1. Acces the Intranet.
    • You need a NIU (university identification number) and a password. If you are not an EINA student, you can get them here aquí
  2. Select the master's degree of your choice.
  3. Fill in your personal and academic details in the relevant sections.
  4. Attach the followig scanned documents. The documents should be attached in pdf, jpg, or Word formats (4 MB maximum).
    • Degree Certificate
    • Academic transcript
    • Curriculum
    • Motivation Letter (use this form).
    • Project (a description of an artistic or design project, whether made ​​or a proposal to be developed during the masters).
    • Language certificates
      English: Minimum B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
      Spanish: for non hispanophones, minimum B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
      If you don’t have an official certificate but still have the language knowledge or non-official certificate, you can certify it through this form.
    • Students with a foreign Diploma should also present a Certificate of your university, accrediting that the course providing admission to this Master's is an official course of 3 years or more and that it provides admission to the official Master's in the country where it was studied. You can use this form.
  5. Make the application payment (30,21 euros, not refundable) by bank card (credit or debit)
  6. If you wish, you can download a document confirming your application for admission has been made, through the intranet.

3. When will I know if I have been accepted?

Once we have received your application you will join the selection process. The resolution on admissions will be sent to you by e-mail.

We will issue an official letter of acceptance signed by the Rector. In case you need a provisional letter for scholarship or visa managing, please contact us at postgraus@eina.cat.

Accommodation and language.

Once you have been accepted, you will probably want to start searching for an apartment or enrolling to a Spanish course. We can give you some tips at postgraus@eina.cat.

4. Reserve your place

On receiving confirmation that you have been admitted to the master's degree the next step is to reserve your place by making a first payment of 1,500 euros for pre-registration. Bookings must be paid within ten days as of the official admission communication and can be done through the same platform. The amount paid may only be refunded for causes attributable to the school.

5. Final payment

Payment of the full fee amount should be done in the ten days after enrolement (see the following section). The amount paid may only be refunded for causes attributable to the school. For any further enquiery please contact EINA’s Gestió Acadèmica (front office): gac_postgraus@eina.cat.

Scholarships and grants

UAB offers information on scholarships and grants here.

Rebates on the enrolment fee

The Decree relating to state fees include the cases that may lead to deductions in the enrolment fee. You can consult the deductions and/or exemptions on this website.

How much does enrolement cost?

The fees for the provision of the academic and administrative services of official courses are established by the Government of Catalonia for each academic year through a Decree.

Institutions linked to the UAB will apply the fees of the official courses and their own fees, they will be differentiated in the enrolment documents. A fee for the official degree academic support management support service must be also paid (in 2019-2020 academic year, it was 160 euros, € 4.40 complementary insurance and € 69.80 the academic record administration fee).

In accordance with the Decree relating to state fees, the UAB differentiates the fee of the credit for students registered on a university Master's course who are not EU nationals or who do not have permanent residence in any of the member states of the European Union (the study trip authorisation card does not exempt the holder from payment of this surcharge). For more information please consult the website of the International Welcome Point (IWP).

In the case of the University Master's in Research in Art and Design, the enrolment fee for the 2019-2020 academic year was 132 euros (€ 46,11 standard fee / € 85,89 private fee) per credit for EU students and 149 euros (€ 75 standard fee / € 85,89 private fee, with rebate on the private fee of € -11.89) for non-EU students.

6. Enrolment

Enrolment is the last step before attending to courses, and will be done at EINA from September. Payment of the full fee amount must be done in the ten following days. For any further enquiery please contact EINA’s Gestió Acadèmica (front office): postgraus@eina.cat.

At the time of enrollment must present all original documents you've previously presented scanned.

List of document: