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Postgraduate admission

Access EINA's Masters, Postgraduate's diplomas and Courses

Here's usefull information to gain admission to EINA's masters, prograduate's diplomas or courses.

1. Selection and Enrolment

How to apply: To gain admission to Eina postgraduate courses, you must first pass a selection process. The aim of this process is to ensure that the student has the necessary knowledge to be able to follow and make the most of the postgraduate course.

Students should send the following documents through this application form.

  1. an academic and professional CV
  2. a portfolio that contains a selection of work produced by the student and related to the academic sphere of the postgraduate course (*.pdf or link)

When to apply: Application period is open. It ends one month prior to the start of the course or until all the places are filled.

Selection criteria: When selecting a student for a postgraduate course, the coordinator will assess the academic background, the quality of the work (book), professional experience and the reasons stated.

Response time: Students will be informed of the decision within a maximum of one week by e-mail.

Acceptation and reservation: In order to reserve a place, the student accepted must has to send the registration form back and pay 50% of the cost of the course within a maximum of two weeks. If no reply is received from the student, its place might be offered to another candidate.

Enrolment: Enrolment will be completed at EINA on the same day the course starts.

Cancellation of reservation or enrolment: The amount paid may only be refunded for causes attributable to the school (such as changes, modifications or cancellation of the course). In exceptional cases, the student may submit an application, setting out their reasons and what they are requesting, which will be assessed by the school's Teaching Committee.

2. Academic requirements and diplomas

Academic requirements

Postgraduate courses can be divided, depending on the credits, into three categories: master's, postgraduate diplomas and specialisation courses.

To gain admission to a Master's Course, it is essential, at the time of enrolment, to hold a university degree or equivalent (EHEA university degree of a minimum of 180 ECTS credits; an undergraduate degree, diploma or engineering degree prior to the implementation of the EHEA of a minimum of 3 academic years).

To gain admission to a Postgraduate Diploma and obtain the corresponding qualification, it is an essential requirement, at the time of enrolment, to hold a bachelor degree or equivalent (i.e.: a university degree equivalent to an EHEA undergraduate qualification -minimum 180 ECTS credits-, or a bachelor, associate or engineering degree awarded prior to the implementation of the EHEA -minimum 3 academic years-). Coordinators might admit students without a bachelor degree, if they are considered to have enough level to follow the course. Once the course has been passed, the student will be able to obtain a certificate signed by the Rector of the UAB. This option only applies to Postgraduate Diploma, not to Master.

To gain admission to a Specialisation Course no prior qualification is required. In each case, a Certificate of Attendance may be awarded.

In the case of students with foreign diplomas, please read the requirements on the UAB website.

Obtained diploma

The qualifications or certificates awarded are processed solely through the UAB. Procedure and cost of precessing can are available on its website.

3. Languages

Although Catalan and Spanish coexist as part of academic life at EINA and the UAB, classes are generally taught in Spanish to help non Catalan-speaking students learn. It is not essential to speak or understand Catalan to be able to follow and make the most of the courses. However, Catalan is present in the day-to-day life of the school and in some subjects or workshops.

No contents are currently taught in English, although the majority of the teachers understand and speak it. We recommend that foreign students should have a good level of Spanish, both spoken and written, to be able to follow second-cycle courses in this language. However, it is not compulsory to have a qualification or certificate showing their level. Through the Language Service, the UAB offers Spanish and Catalan courses for foreign students.

4. Special prices

Special price for students and former students: 10% discount on the price of enrolment. The discount does not apply to new access students enrolling studies contained in the same study (postgraduate courses in the same master's degree). Special price for teaching and research staff and administrative and services staff at the Eina Foundation: 50% discount on the price of enrolment.

5. Grants and funding

EINA offers a grant or aid for postgraduate courses. The aid is offered to enrolled students, once the course has closed and with the determinant that all the places have been filled.
Students may submit their candidacy and apply for the grant, which will be awarded on merit and at the decision of the coordinator. Calls are published annually on the EINA website in the relevant section in each postgraduate course. The grant entails obtaining a reduction in enrolment for the performance of coordination support tasks. Besides this, the UAB offers information about other types of grants on its website.

6. Foreign students

Access conditions are the same for all students. But foreign students must complete the necessary procedures so that their stay is legal and they have the appropriate medical insurance. More informations at the UAB website, sections "Procedures for student EU" and "Procedures for non-EU students": http://www.uab.cat/web/study-abroad/graduate/uab-master-s-degrees-and-graduate-diplomas/all-masters-and-graduate-diplomas-1345670262014.html

7. Contact details