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Parametric Design and Spaces

The Postgraduate Diploma in Parametric Design and Spaces at EINA looks at the design of spaces and architecture in the context of innovative technologies. 

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→ Postgraduate Diploma in Parametric Design and Spaces by the UAB
→ 11 February to 23 July 2022 
→ Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 4 pm to 8 pm
→ Onsite - 30 ECTS
→ 3.600 € (10% discount for former students and Alumni UAB Premium)

The main goal of the programme is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the development of an integrated design strategy that intersects computation, parametric design, biomimetic engineering and digital fabrication, to create complex and more efficient objects, spaces, or architectural systems.


This postgraduate programme will focus on the relevance of new digital paradigms in the design architectural process. The programme includes computational morphogenetic processes (the design of shapes and spaces), experimenting with parametric software, scripting and algorithmic design. Using these digital tools, we will establish our own grammars to create systems, which will become architectural and habitable spaces.


New technologies also bring us closer to new production processes (rapid manufacturing, digital fabrication) that lead to non-standard architectural formalizations. Mass production processes no longer depend on repetition, but on a digital system of permanent reconfiguration. All these production techniques will be studied, and applied to our projects and designs. 


We have come a long way from architectural modernism and rationalism. Words like postmodernism, deconstructivism and minimalism no longer sound contemporary, and there is no clear dominant style on the horizon. On the other hand, there is an ongoing revolution in the processes of formal generation and control of information, both material and virtual, which is clearly a product of the digital age. Entering these new design and creation scenarios in a digital environment will lead us to discover the new avant-garde.

Our international teaching staff are experts in the field, and are also contributors to the panorama of contemporary architecture and design. 

  • Email: postgraus(a)
  • Telephone: +34 93 203 09 23
Neil Witta, Sarah Witkin Neil Witta, Sarah Witkin
Marilena Christodoulou_Vineet Matai  Marilena Christodoulou_Vineet Matai
Maja Karak_Dimpi Bhadra  Maja Karak_Dimpi Bhadra
Sylvia Felipe, Jordi Truco Sylvia Felipe, Jordi Truco
Maja Karak_Dimpi Bhadra  Maja Karak_Dimpi Bhadra
Matias Ferrero, Javier Camayd Matias Ferrero, Javier Camayd
Maja Karak_Dimpi Bhadra  Maja Karak_Dimpi Bhadra
Irati Azuke Irati Azuke
A.Macruz_P.Ginés_V.Hernaiz A.Macruz_P.Ginés_V.Hernaiz
Maria Henino, Ursula Pahl, Lorena Medina Maria Henino, Ursula Pahl, Lorena Medina
Irati Azuke Irati Azuke

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