Irati Azuke

Parametric Design

The Postgraduate Diploma in Parametric Design at EINA provides the knowledge and capacity necessary for the development of an integrated design strategy that intersects computation, parametric design, biomimetic engineering and digital fabrication, in order to create and design objects, spaces or architectural systems that respond and adapt to their environment.

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→ Postgraduate Diploma in Parametric Design and Spaces by the UAB
→ 11 February to 23 July 2022 
→ Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 4 pm to 8 pm
→ Onsite - 30 ECTS
→ 3.600 € (10% discount for former students and Alumni UAB Premium)

It is already a fact that the irruption of computation in the world of design has caused a revolutionary change. The computer opens us to its own logic, allows us to operate more optimally, quickly and efficiently. It allows us to research, experiment, and create self-organizing systems or emergent systems and allows us to get into the interactive design, to create objects, structures and smart designs that interact with their environment.

We also know that biomimetic engineering is the science that studies nature as a source of inspiration, creating new innovative technologies to solve those human problems that nature has solved, through models of systems (mechanics), through morphogenetic processes (chemistry)

The new production processes (rapid manufacturing, digital fabrication) and new materials allow us to manufacture complex morphologies, components and objects elements at a reasonable cost, therefore we can think in an advanced efficient non-Standard designs and architecture.

Biological systems generate complex and emergent structures, these structures, shapes and systems change shape, colour, porosity, hardness in real time or during years in order to adapt more efficiently to their environment.

We want to create objects, spaces or structures that relate to its environment, as nature does, and adapt to it to become more efficient with minimal energy consumption.

Each student will use the design strategies and processes learned, together with software and digital fabrication skills, in order to develop their own proposal, this will be developed at the most convenient scale and size. He will be able to develop the proposal on industrial design and production, or rather focus on the scale of interior design, even architecture.

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  • Telephone: +34 93 203 09 23
Marilena Christodoulu Marilena Christodoulu
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Irati Azuke Irati Azuke
Irati Azuke Irati Azuke
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Maja Karak Maja Karak
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Sara Witkin & Neil Witta Sara Witkin & Neil Witta
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