MOURE PARETS Emboscada #2 Marc Vives


This project takes a starting point in the construction of new facilities and the unresolved design, the unpredictable uses, of a building that awaits being open and operational in the near future. Thus commence a series of exercises, tests, explorations, and soundings in which a certain receptivity goes out in search of its materials and positions, with the aim of redefining what is the body and what is the wall—their common architecture. Perhaps, it is an exchange of roles. “An experiment is proposed to make our bodies and voices be the walls and define the spaces of the new school. In their vibrational nature, these walls are mobile and they move with other vibrations added later on.” Upon this initial formulation by the artist Marc Vives, a group initially formed by about ten people carries out the first operations to the rhythm of construction and demolition over a number of days between May and September, 2021. The group consolidates and shrinks as it becomes more and more absorbed by the site. The search, which is performative and sculptural, ends up being translated into a sort of script for a ceremony or a liturgy without a cult.


AMBUSH #2: TO MOVE WALLS. By Marc Vives + Irene Alcázar, Daniel Cardona, Pepe Nerín, Bet Pahissa + invitades

Date: Saturday 18 September, 5 pm
Location: EINA Bosc - Carrer del Bosc, 2, 08017, Barcelona