Xavi Manzanares

Xavi Manzanares

Architect by ETSAB (UPC). Postgraduate course in Sonic Art and Space by the CCCB & UPC. He has completed complementary studies in MooC Coursera, The Brain and Space at the University of Duke, CSP Science of Android Apps at the University of Illinois, and Programming: The Fundamentals at the University of Toronto.


Since 2021 he teaches the course 'Fundamentals, Design and Sound Editing' at CITM/UPC (Terrassa).

Between 2006 and 2016 he has conducted numerous workshops and laboratories on Sonology, Creative Programming and Sound Algorithms in different international spaces and contexts.

Professional experience / Research

In recent years, he has collaborated in research projects located at the intersections of the Arts, Sciences and Technologies. The most relevant are Befaco, Sonic Hypercube, Eixams, SK8Sound, TWFO, Paisatges Aurals and Sonic Spaces. 

Since 2015, Ones Hàptiques has been the main research framework in which binaural hearing, haptic perception, sound spatialisation, immersivity and generative/automated sound algorithms with different degrees of interaction are investigated and experimented with.

In the context of performance, he has created performances and installations in Electronic Arts Spaces and Festivals, including Kunsthausbaselland, Fundació Miró, Sonarama (Sónar), 948Merkatua, ODD, Eufònic, Signal and PdCon. 

He is currently a collaborating lecturer at the CITM/UPC.


Open papers on Haptic Waves Research:
OH Autonomy of Things 
OH Experiments
OH FULL Document 

Publications in Academia.edu:
OH Bio Signals
OH Audition Perception and NeuralActionPotentials 
OH : From IoT to AoT (Autonomy of Things)
[ OHPI27.7 ] Generative Audio Engine programmed in Pd