Natalia Zaratiegui 

Natalia Zaratiegui 

Natalia was born in Pamplona in 1981. After graduating in Art History from the Universitat de Barcelona, she studied illustration at the Escola Massana and editorial design at Elisava. 


As a teacher, she has worked at various centres such as the Universitat de Barcelona, Elisava and Bau. She has also held workshops in civic centres such as La casa Elizalde and the Centre Cívic Urgell.

Professional activity

As an illustrator, she has worked in both the communication and publishing sectors. Some of her clients are Alma Editorial, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Atrápalo, Ardicia Editorial, Automática Editorial, Cambridge Publishers Ltd, Comanegra, Errata Naturae Editores, Extinció Edicions, Generalitat de Catalunya, Gobierno de Aragón, Gobierno de Navarra, Grupo Expansión, Hodder & Stoughton, L'Auditori, Links Books, Malinka Libros, Mtm Editores, Navona Editorial, Oxford University Press, Panenka magazine, Penguin Books Uk, Santillana, Sceptre, The Fact, Universitat de Barcelona.

In 2016 she opened Cromo Gallery, a space dedicated to illustration and drawing in Barcelona.


Her work has been recognised in national and international competitions such as the 'Premis Junceda', 'The World Illustration Awards', 'American Illustration' or '3x3 International Illustration Award'.