Lucía Egaña

She has a background in arts, aesthetics and documentary and holds a PhD in Audiovisual Communication. She writes and researches on issues related to feminisms and transfeminism, representation, post-pornography, technology, free software and error. She develops pedagogical processes in institutional and informal settings and her artistic work has been presented in Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Ecuador, Colombia, among others. 

She has organised the nomadic festival Muestra Marrana, has published the book Enciclopedia del amor en los tiempos del porno (Cuarto propio, 2014); Atrincheradas en la carne (Bellaterra, 2017), Acá soy la que se fue (tictac, 2019) and collaborates with various collectives and artists. She is a member of the Cooperativa de Técnicas, the collectives, Real Archivo Sudaca, Instituto de estudios del porno, and coordinates the cycle Sureando el cuerpo. She participates in the research group FIC (Fractalities and Critical Research, UAB) and is part of the academic direction of the Independent Studies Programme (PEI) at MACBA.