Lluís Domènech (Lluïsot)

Lluis Domenech (Llüisot)

Professor at EINA since 2010

Professional experience and Research

Began publishing professionally in 1983 in the satirical magazine El Jueves. He has collaborated with many newspapers and magazines, including Avui, La Vanguardia, El Periódico de Catalunya, Lecturas, Tretzevents and Cavall Fort. As of 1987 he has published books for children, specializing in textbooks. A keen traveller, he has also published travel books, such as A Season in Calcutta, India and Chiapas at the Wrong Time. To read an interview (in Catalan), see Tebeosfera


Llüisot has won prizes such as:

  • Apel·les Mestres (1987) for the book “Vull una medalla” [I Want a Medal].
  • Bologna Regazzi Award (2002) – Best illustrator in the non-fiction category for the book A Season in Calcutta.
  • Serra d’Or (2003) – Best children's book for “Contes Terrorífics de fantasmes” [Terrifying Ghost Stories].
  • Cavall Fort (2008) for the comic “L’Illa Misteriosa” [The Mysterious Island]
  • Lazarillo (2010) for the book “El sueño del Viejo Marinero” [The Dream of the Ancient Mariner].


  • First prize in the drawing contest “Els 4 Gats” (2017)