Jordi Català

Jordi Català

Jordí Català is a pioneer of the use of infographics in the Spanish press and has participated in the creation of the first infographics department for a newspaper in Spain.

Professional experience and research

He was instrumental in changing the infographic process to reflect new technologies and was the first person to use a Mac to make informative graphics in the daily press in Spain. He was an active participant in the worldwide infographic boom that followed the first Gulf War and in particular in the infographic response to the Olympic Games in Barcelona, for which El Periodico de Catalunya received worldwide recognition, featuring his work in collaboration with Jeff Goerstzen, Jaime Serra, Andrew Lucas and Karl Gude.

After leading the infographic department with Jaime Serra for two years he went on to manage it alone from 1993 to 2006, restructuring to create a high-level team of designers and journalists and solidifying the infographic as an integral part of the newspaper's brand prestige.

He also headed the infographic department for the monthly RACC magazine and the first Spanish edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, and has worked in advertising, comics and marketing for, among others, Saatchi & Saatchi and Imagina, and as an illustrator for Aragón Express, Zaragoza Deportiva, Revista TMB, fin de Semana, the Ajuntament de Barcelona, Cuadernos del Auditori and MSF.

An investigative journalist specializing in some of his own greatest interests, such as the history of Barcelona and Cuban cigar culture, he also has his own columns, "Café copa y puro" [Coffee, drink and cigar] in the magazine Gourmets in which he is both and interviewer and a critic. He also produces written and visual reports on topics of historical Barcelona for El Periodico de Catalunya. He is the creator of the fictional character TOI, "a state of mind with antennas" which has been used in many publicity campaigns for the multinational Panrico-Bollycao in Spain and Portugal.


Since 1992, Jordi has participated in events and press and infographic conferences for SND-E, SND International, Malofiej, ÑH and European Newspaper Awards, as a participant, speaker, jury member and organizer and has received more than 150 individual and group prizes for El Periódico de Catalunya:

  • SND (Society Newspapers Design-USA) Prizes. Gold, silver, bronze and excellence awards.
  • European Newspaper Awards: Various categories.
  • EuropaPrize for the best-designed newspaper in Europe (2008), in which the newspaper’s covers and infographics received special mention.
  • Malofiej Prize (Universidad de Navarra SND-E ). Gold, silver, bronze and excellence awards.
  • ÑH Prizes (Design Spain – Portugal). Various categories


Associate professor in Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) where he teaches the course Designing Visual Communication. He has taught in graduate and university programs for more than twenty years, including at ELISAVA (Pompeu Fabra University), teaching illustration, infographics (introducing and directing this course until 2004), Final Projects, Masters in Multimedia Design, Masters in Designing Corporate Image and, currently, as a collaborator in the Masters in Retail Design.

He has also given conferences and postgraduate and masters courses for institutions including the University of Navarra, the Press Center of the University of Santiago, the Geographic Institute of Madrid, the Continuing Education Institute at Pompeu Fabra University, the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the International University of Catalonia (UIC), the Salesian School of Sarrià (EUSS) and the University of Vic (UVic).


He is the author of an essay on colour theory for Anaya - El Sol (1990) and has signed infographics for a dozen books for Ediciones B with José Pernau, Lucho Lopez and Manu Leguineche, among others. He is currently working on a book on visual communication.