Jon Marín

Jon Marín

Bachelor’s in Biology, UB (2005) / Master’s in Environmental Sciences, UAB (2011).


Professor of Ecodesign, Bionics and Multidisciplinary Projects at ESDi from 2008 to 2012. Has collaborated in the postgraduate diploma in Packaging at ELISAVA since 2011, focusing on sustainability. He has taught various national and international workshops on sustainable design, local development and biomimicry.

Professional Experience / Research

  • Partner and cofounder of the design and eco-innovation studio Nutcreatives. January 2008 – present.
  • Scientific coordinator of the INDICIS foundation. October 2010 - March 2012.
  • Design and sustainability researcher for the Department of Interior and Product Design at ESDi (Escuela Superior de Diseño, attached to Ramon Llull University) March 2008 – March 2012.
  • Coordination of scientific and cultural communication projects for mNACTEC (Museo Nacional de la Ciencia y la Técnica de Cataluña). October 2007 - April 2008.
  • Environmental technician for the Environmental Engineering workshop. November 2006 – November 2007.


(Only the five most recent are listed)

  • Marín, JM, Jiménez, C., Oliver, J. (2011) Contribución del Diseño en procesos de Desarrollo Local Sostenible en un contexto insular. El caso del banco Relaja [Measuring Sustainability in Design for Local Development Processes].
  • Marín, JM. Damen, S. (2010) "Biomimetik. Wie Kinder und Erwachsene von der Natur lernen". Kita Aktuell. Pp. 227-230. (ISSN: 0942-2463).
  • Marín, JM. (2010) “Creativity of the project through experiments with the environment”. 1st International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia. (ISBN: 978-84-936165-1-9).
  • Jiménez, C., Marín, JM. (2009) “Measuring Sustainability in Design for Local Development Processes: ‘Guia Campus’ integrated indicators’, a case study in the Canary Islands”. International Conference on Sustainability Measuring and Modeling (ICSMM). (ISBN: 9788496736818).
  • Jiménez, C., Marín, JM. (2008) “La contribución del Diseño en los procesos de Desarrollo Local Sostenible: el Campus de Verano de las Artes de Guía como estudio de caso en Canarias”. [Measuring Sustainability in Design for Local Development Processes: a Case Study in the Canary Islands] Congreso Nacional de Medio Ambiente (CONAMA). (ISBN: 978-84-613-1481-2).