Jaume Balmes

He has been working as a researcher in the field of digital editing since 2008 and he understands this work as a very thorough and efficient process that enables the collecting of editorial product of any kind, either in book format (digital or printed), periodic publication (digital or printed) or web content.

In 2010 he started working on his own project of production and assessment that combines the formation both in his own production courses and in Superior Schools as Bau, Eina, IDEP, Universidad de Sevilla, etc.

Among his customers we can find publishing houses of all kinds, such as Penguin Random House, RBA, Gustavo Gili, Index Book, Trama Editorial, Elsevier, Editorial de la Universidad de Salamanca, Marcial Pons, etc. He works with the publishing houses Disquisiciones and Grupo Cornac, and he is the current manager of the publishing process at Polygon Education and CIO at Nous Medis.