Anna Llàcer

Anna Llàcer

Studied Design at EINA in 2002, obtained a postgraduate degree in Peace Culture and Conflict Resolution from the UAB in 2004. Updated to a Bachelor’s in Design in 2012.


Teaches/has taught courses at:


  • 2010 – present: Project analysis and management for the postgraduate in Design and Graphic Elements.
  • 2012 – 2015: Properties and Uses of New Materials for the Design Degree.
  • 2006 – 2008: Graphic Representation.
  • 2008 -2010 Projects 1.

Kalasans School in Dakar (Senegal)

  • 2006: Teacher training for Art Pedagogy.
  • 2003: workshop on creativity for students

Traç, Art Center Barcelona

  • 1998-2006 Art

Professional experience

  • 2012 Founded the studio Pixtin with Maider Zulueta.
  • 2003 Awarded the Carta Blanca grant for young creators by the FAD and the Diputació de Barcelona.
  • Collaborated with the studios Juste y Calduch, Garrofé Disseny, Tribu 3, Actar, Xavier Bas and Martí Guixé