Anna Dot

Anna Dot

Graduate in Fine Arts (UB), Master in Digital Art Curating (ESDI) and PhD in Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages from UVic. 


She has taught the subject of Artistic Didactics at UVic and has collaborated in the teaching of subjects of the interuniversity degree in Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages at UVic and UOC. 

Outside the university environment, she has collaborated in art and education projects, such as Arte y Escuela (ACVic), Zona Intrusa 12 (Mataró) and, currently, En Residència (Barcelona). 

He also works in the department of activities and projects at the Torelló School of Visual Arts. 

Professional Activity 

Parallel to teaching and academic research, she also engages in artistic practice. Her projects revolve around translation and communicative processes and treat the text as an accumulative technology. 

She has had solo and group exhibitions at Capella de Sant Roc (Valls 2015), Bòlit Centre d'Art Contemporani (Girona 2017), ADN Platform (Sant Cugat 2017), Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine (Serbia 2018), Charsoo Honaar (Tehran 2019) and SCAN Projects (London 2019), among others. He also collaborates in the organisation of the Festus festival in Torelló. 


He has received the Art Nou 2018 award for the solo exhibition "Al principi", at Bombon Projects, and the Biennal d'Art Ciutat d'Amposta BIAM 2014 award. He has received grants such as the Sala de Art Jove 2013 and BCN Producció 2016. 


She is a PhD student in Gender, Translation and Cultural Studies at UVic, due to be read in September 2019. 


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