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MAD, academic and cultural immersion course

MAD, academic and cultural immersion course,MAD, academic and cultural immersion course, is a course of adaptation to Spanish university learning methodologies, to facilitate the use of university master's degree studies, as well as cultural immersion, aimed at Chinese students. The programme offers training activities and tutored internships, taught jointly by EINA and the cultural entity ZIYOU from Singapore.


Module 1. Adaptation to local university methodology  (100 teaching hours) 
1.1. Introduction to teaching methodologies
1.2. Approach to dynamics and roles in the classroom
1.3. Teamwork methodologies
1.4. Support using the Virtual Campus (Moodle)
1.5. Mentoring 1.

Module 2. Cultural and linguistic immersion (100 teaching hours) 
2.1. Introduction to local culture and habits
2.2. Introduction to the artistic and design context in Spain
2.3. Language skills and application to the academic environment
2.4. Transversal skills (soft skills) training
2.5. Mentoring 2.

Module 3. Project work and professional context (140 teaching hours) 
3.1. Site-based tutored projects
3.2. Project-based learning
3.3. Visits to professional agencies and offices
3.4. Visits to institutions and companies
3.5. Mentoring 5.

Information facts

1st edition 2024-2025: from September 2024 to February 2025
2nd edition 2025-2026: from March 2025 to July 2025
Place: EINA Campus, Barcelona
Places: maximum 25 students

1st edition 2024-25: from September 16, 2024 to February 7, 2025.  
Teaching and tutoring hours: 340 hours.
Morning schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  
Language: Spanish, English and assistance in Chinese
Price: 8.000 €
Bonus: a 10% bonus will be applied to the MAD for students who also enrol in an EINA Master's degree. In the case of enrolment in the Master's degree after having taken the MAD, it will be applied retrospectively.
MURAD: Univertity Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design.
MUDE: University Master's Degree in Design of Space.

Pre-registration and admission

University studies and sufficient knowledge of Spanish to be able to understand and participate in the classes.

Steps to follow to apply for a place

1. Access to the application and management platform
Access the application platform. To access the application you need a university identification number (NIU) and password. If you are not an EINA student, you must fill in a registration form.

2. Course selection
Choose this course
-1176/1 - MAD, Academic and cultural immersion course


3. Data entry
Enter your personal details.

Attach the following scanned documents. We accept pdf and jpg formats (maximum 2MB). Remember that you must present all originals at the time of enrolment:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum Vitae, indicating knowledge of Spanish and English.

4.Academic data
It is not necessary to select all subjects.

5. Registration fee
Pay the registration fee of 30,21€ by credit or debit card.

6. Confirmation
At the end of this process ‘Confirm’ and ‘Print’ the document.

The decision will be communicated to the student through the contact email that has been informed on the platform.

Once the admission to MAD has been received, the student must proceed with the enrolment to reserve a place.

The courses are taught at the EINA Campus in Barcelona, Sentmenat and Bosc.
Contact: postgraus(a)
Telephone: +34 93 2030923

Information Point in Beijing:
Address: The south side of nº 2 Courtyard of Wudaokou Zananchu, Haidian district, Beijing
Contact: ziyouart(a)
Phone: +86 13811617888

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2024-25 academic calendar: from September to February

Location: Eina Campus, Barcelona

Price: €8,000

Spots: 25 students maximum

Teaching and tutoring time: 185 hours. Intensive September schedule: 60 hours + October to February two mornings a week: 125 hours