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At EINA, teaching and research are conducted with the aim to promote the school and design research on an international level. Projects are designed to establish exchanges and collaborations with universities and researchers across the world.

This desire to form part of an international community of knowledge is fostered and established through:

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EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design courses offer students the possibility of completing part of their courses at other European universities or universities around the world. Mobility programmes facilitate this possibility in academic terms and also offer financial assistance for placements abroad.

Student mobility is a priority objective for the creation of an integrated European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that, with exchanges between European students and students from around the world, can be expanded into a true knowledge internationalisation experience. The EINA mobility service, in collaboration with the UAB, offers information and management that enables EINA students to study part of the syllabus abroad, and also looks after visiting students. The programmes that promote exchanges are:

These programmes involve bilateral cooperation agreements between EINA and various major universities in different countries and the chance to access the UAB exchange programme. The international exchange office also promotes and manages staff exchanges. These consist of short stays by EINA teaching staff at foreign universities or the hosting of foreign teachers, and are aimed at contributing to the transfer of teaching knowhow and experience with a view to forming a European and international community of teachers and designers.

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To complete an exchange programme, students must be enrolled on a bachelor’s degree at the UAB or one of its affiliated centres when they apply and be matriculated as a student while they are studying abroad.

Students must bear in mind that, if they are selected to go on an exchange but have obtained all the credits required on the syllabus for the receipt of the degree during the previous academic year their transcript will be automatically closed. Once a transcript has been closed, it cannot be reopened and in this case, students would not be able to take up their exchange place as they would no longer be students and able to enrol, which as stated above is an essential requirement for being an exchange student.

A student needs to have passed 60 credits when submitting their application. However, we recommend that they take part in the mobility programmes during their third or fourth year to ensure the optimum validation of credits. Foreign language certificates help students to obtain a higher ranking when they request a mobility exchange and are essential when applying for grants from the Government of Catalonia.


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Erasmus+ Internships


How to apply for a place
Proprietary programme

Exchange students have access to the same classes as EINA students. Therefore, they are active members of the school and will be required to adapt to the language of tuition.

How to apply for a place

2019-20 academic year registration deadlines


Exchange programme with European universities that benefit from the Erasmus grant. This programme recognises the credits taken at host universities thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


Exchange programme with partner universities outside Europe (primarily the Americas, Asia and Oceania).


The EINA University School of Design and Art of Barcelona Study Abroad course mode is for foreign or Spanish students who, when they apply for a place, have completed or are completing design courses (or similar) in their countries of origin or Spain and wish to complement their studies. The Study Abroad mode is for students from institutions with which there are no exchange agreements. Candidates must apply for a place and acceptance of this will be based on the assessment of their transcript, their portfolio and reasons for applying.


Students must complete a minimum of 30 credits in a semester and a maximum of 90 annual credits for 2nd-cycle subjects offered by EINA each year (3rd and 4th years). The annual syllabus will be agreed by the degree coordinator and the student and the coordinator will be responsible for allocating the level that corresponds to the student.

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The cost of living in Barcelona

You should calculate the cost of studying in Barcelona at EINA. You need to draw up a budget in line with the cost of living in Barcelona. This dossier contains useful information about basic expenses WELCOME TO UAB.


EINA is located in uptown Barcelona, in the Parc de Setmenat in the Sarrià district. This district has green areas and peaceful spaces where students can concentrate on their studies.

More information about Barcelona at Turisme de Barcelona.

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Web As we are a school attached to the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), our students are welcome at the Al IWP, situated on Plaça Cívica. Where students will find all the information they need when they arrive, can obtain a UAB student card, discover what events are on in campus, find out about available grants, receive personalised care in finding accommodation, get to know the university services and see what language courses they can enrol on as well as obtain answers to any further queries about academic life they might have.

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